Beautify Your Corvette with Trendy Accessories

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There are several ways to make your Corvette attractive. The first of course is to make your car's engine so smooth that no one can hear it coming. Similarly, improve upon the body and the suspension such that your C6 Corvette does not rattle, wheeze or grunt! The next thing is to improve her looks by giving her the best of coat and then using the latest in shampoos, buttery car wash and polishes. Use the best in gels for the tires, the rubber and the trim. Order and use the finest in leather and interior cleaners and conditioners besides metal polish, glass cleaners, sprays and applicators. Once you've made up the grand lady it's time to concentrate on some C6 Corvette accessories.

At the outset buy some special kind of C6 Corvette accessories, the kind that you don't get to see normally. These are accessories such as the Corvette door show prop bars. Buy two of these bars one for each of the front doors. These bars will permit you to show off your C6 Corvette by holding the doors open but won't permit anyone to intrude inside the car thereby making it impossible for the viewers from fiddling around. Then go for some hood liner chrome fasteners. These come in a kit of 15 pc. These chrome fasteners are very easy to install in place of the crude factory screws. You may also like to buy the fastener cover kit in chrome that contains enough buttons needed to cover all the factory screws used in your engine compartment as well as the door jams and trunk. You'd have some screws left over.

Order some more special C6 Corvette accessories such as a new set of floor mats and seat covers as well as shifters and shift knobs. Buy some sill protectors, dash kits and accessories such as the passenger door window button polished trim and ashtray door in aluminum. Accessories that will add to the glamour of your C6 include a custom painted ignition switch and Corvette gauge bezels in chrome plating, the radio knobs custom painted and the center console in carbon fiber.

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Beautify Your Corvette with Trendy Accessories

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This article was published on 2010/12/29