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Driving a Mustang can be a very exciting experience for many Ford owners. Adding Mustang accessories can make driving seem more fun and offer uniqueness to the personality of the car.

Exterior Accessories

From changing the fuel door, to purchasing an entire body kit, a lot of variety is available for Mustang owners to add character to the exterior of the car, regardless of the year owned. Replacing the tires or wheels is a popular choice when choosing to add an exterior accessory. New wheels can provide a distinctive and customized flair when added.

In addition to wheels, Mustang owners may want to think about changing the tires to performance tires. Performance tires can offer superior traction in all kinds of weather and surfaces, therefore providing a better driving experience overall. A huge selection of Mustang performance tires can found on many websites online and can be purchased in traditional stores as well.

Swapping the fuel door for one that is more aesthetically pleasing or adding a grille insert will also make a mighty impact on the appearance of the car, without changing the entire look.

Interior Accessories

As with the exterior accessories, there is also a large range of products available to alter the look of the Mustang’s interior. Owners can go with a slight change with simply replacing the shifting knob or by changing the speaker covers. For those who prefer to make a dramatic alteration, there are a variety of options available also. Think about adding racing seats or changing out the gauge pods for some that are chrome ringed. Less expensive options can be putting in Mustang logo floor mats or changing out worn pedals with Mustang logo pedals. All these accessories can be found online and some can be found at a store that offers Mustang exclusive items.

Under the Hood

When adding accessories to the Mustang, many people overlook the possibilities that can be found under the hood. Chrome engine accessories such as oil dipstick handles, oil covers and washer fluid covers can be bought singularly or in a combo pack and will add a boost to the overall look under the hood while not hurting the wallet. For a more expensive alternative accessory, replacing the valve covers to chrome can add style and polish.


Restoring a Mustang can be a time consuming affair, yet can also be very satisfying when the end result is exactly what was envisioned. When restoring a Mustang, think about the accessories that can be added that will achieve the look that is desired. Mustang accessories can be had for practically any year that the car was manufactured.

By adding Mustang accessories, the owner can customize the look and driving performance of the vehicle to suit personal needs. For more information please Visit:

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Mustang Accessories

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This article was published on 2010/12/23